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UNC Girls Soccer Team Camp - Guilford College

AGES > Girls 10-18
DATES > July 5 – 8  |  Guilford College, NC
COST > $495 per camper
TRAINING > Girl’s soccer coach specific with intensive games and coaches training!
EXPERIENCE > Any and all levels

“You and your team will be trained by my hand picked staff on the field during two training sessions each day after seeing a demonstration of the curriculum performed by some of the top collegiate players in the nation. We will share everything we can about what we do to produce the extraordinary success of our 20 time national champion University of North Carolina Women’s Soccer Team.” – ANSON DORRANCE

2018 > UNC Girl’s Soccer TEAM Camp  >  TC1 JULY 5 – 8

Our objective is to create a training environment that challenges all levels of teams. For four days and four nights this summer we will be running a team camp designed for you, a girls’ soccer coach. When you come to the camp, you will be immersed in a ‘motivational coaching course’ designed by us to share everything we can about what we do to produce the extraordinary success of our 20-time national champion University of North Carolina Women’s soccer team.

Anson Dorrance and staff will conduct two lectures each day in which the curriculum will be reviewed with you, plus personal insights into what we feel can help take your team to the next level. You will be taught the UNC System and learn some of the ‘intangible’ factors that can make your team more competitive. At the end of the morning session and in the evening your players will be challenged with matches against other teams in the camp so every possible facet of player development is involved during the week: quality demonstrations, expert field sessions, cutting edge lectures, and 11 v 11 competitions. Please see below for our general schedule for Team Camp.

LOCATION – Gilford College / Greensboro , NC – MAP

DIRECTOR – Anson Dorrance – Click For Bio | Click For Anson’s Invitation



Check In Day
Team Trains the Keeper
Tactical Coaching Points by Position

UNC Warm Up
3-4-3 Attacking/Defensive System and Shape

2nd Day
Attacking Transition Choreography and Match
Defensive Shape and Principles of the Flat Back 3
Principles of the semi Flat Back 3
Rhythm Training
Match: 20-minute halves

Warm up: Controlling Pressure/Controlling the Ball
Heading and Clearing For Distance
Long Service, Long Reception
Speed Ladder
4 vs. 4 Tournament
Shape in the 4 vs. 4

All Camp “Coerver” Warm Up
Goalkeeper Training 8:00 – 9:15
10-Minute 5 v 2
1 v 1 To Cones
1 v 1 From the Mid Stripe
3 Tiered Shooting
4 Station Shooting
Heading Progression
Attacking and Defensive Heading
2 vs. 2 Heading Tournament
Rhythm Training
11 V. 11 Full Field

3rd Day
Six goal game: “team shape”
Attacking Transition Choreography and Match
Defensive Shape:
Defensive System:

Turning Series Warm-up
Serving For Distance and Accuracy (left and right foot)
Half Field Games

6 + 1 vs. 3
Half Field Games
Pass and Follow Half Field Game
Knock and Move Half Field Game
Technical Back To Pressure Warm-up
“Raging Bull” Back To Pressure Warm-up
“Bogies in the Sky” Contest
Team Trains the Keeper

4th Day
“Barefoot” soccer game (warm-up)
Midfielder Change of Field Choreography
Goalkeeper Long Service Choreography
Corner Kick Transition Choreography

Recreational Warm-up and Static Stretching
Find a Group Game
Attacking and Defensive Heading
Give and Go Grid Trading
6-goal Game
Technical Speed Training
Chip and Head

Warm Up
Tactical Back to Pressure I
Tactical 3 v 1
Tactical Back to Pressure II
Triangle Passing and User Friendly Flighted Balls
Breakaway Finishing
Match: 20-minute halves

Check Out Day
Soccer Combat
Carolina Fitness Training
Advanced Attacking Half Field Tactics
End Line Series (Near, Far, Slot)
Match 20-minute halves